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Behavior Change

In order to influence the decisions people make, you must understand what drives their decision-making process. This understanding is FMG’s non-negotiable starting point and shapes how we develop strategies, campaigns, processes, policies, and products that effectively change or modify behavior.

We tackle the tough questions. Why is fake news believed? Why is an online shopping cart abandoned? Why is a tax form not completed? Why is chewing tobacco purchased? Our experts apply science and research to find the not-so-obvious answers. With these answers, we develop evidence-based solutions that are designed to modify behavior in an effective and measurable way.

Our team of researchers and communication experts have decades of experience using psychological theory, neuroscience, and behavioral and social sciences to design and execute behavior change programs. We have improved customer journeys, public policies, enforcement activities, creative strategies, and media planning to increase impact across a wide range of markets.

Our psychologists, UX experts, RIVA-trained moderators, and statisticians work as one team. They explore consumer behavior, motivations, and attitudes as they relate to various issues including: volunteering, mental health, substance abuse, privacy, virtual reality, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, seatbelt usage, alcohol abuse, and safe food handling.

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Ronne Ostby

Vice President, Communication Research, Strategy & Outreach


  • Formative and Observational Research
  • Research Instrument Development
  • IRB and OMB Reviews
  • Ethnographies
  • Data Analysis
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Personas
  • Plain Language Principles

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