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Within the Department of Defense (DOD), FMG serves as a trusted authority on human capital research, strategy, and outreach. We have positively impacted the federal civilian and military workforce by translating our scientifically rigorous research into innovative campaigns, policies, programs, tools, and trainings.

Our success stems from a research-first culture that provides a common language and a set of norms for collaboration between our research, security, communication, technology, adult learning, and policy experts. This multi-disciplinary approach is perfectly suited to our DOD partners that desire a more programmatic, life-cycle examination of the dynamic forces influencing attraction, performance, suitability, security, retention, and wellbeing.

Our research findings and recommendations have been presented to the Under Secretaries of Defense and members of the Senate and House of Representatives. But more importantly, they are making the workplace more secure and enriching for millions of uniformed military and DOD civilians.

Partner With FMG

Katherine Ely Fors Marsh Group

Katherine Ely

Vice President, Military Personnel Analytics

Examples of Impact

Recently completed projects include:

Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP)

Developed a comprehensive training program to increase awareness of voting tools and resources among Military voters used across a worldwide network of voting assistance personnel through a series of qualitative research efforts and curriculum audit. 

United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Evaluated and improved human capital programs and related training materials on facility performance through a variety of formative and summative techniques, including assessment of qualitative interviews, personnel records, and survey research.

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